About Us | Community Involvement

Our office has been providing quality care to Red Deer and surrounding area for over 17 years.  We strive to contribute and support our local community to make it a better place to be!  We continue to provide sponsorship to many events and programs including:

Middle School "All Star" Awards for 13 years....and counting! Each year, Dr. Hucal and Dr. Edwards recognize 28 well rounded students for their numerous outstanding abilities in Academics, Sports and Community Involvement, all while demonstrating respectful character!

Science 20 Award for top mark at Hunting Hills High School.

Bike-A-Thon at Hunting Hills High School. We rode bikes and raised over $1400 for Mental Health Awareness!

Gift for Grandparents! This is a Christmas program organized by Family Services of Central AB. They collect donations, assemble amazing gift bags filled with much needed items such as blankets, PJ's toiletries and so much more, then they deliver them to Seniors within our community. (over 600 bags went out last year!)

"Green Deer" is Red Deer's Annual city wide spring cleanup program. We, along with our families, take on the task of picking up litter and ensuring Red Deer is clean and green!

We've sent toothbrushes all over the world !

Both Dr. Hucal and Dr. Edwards continue to make countless donations throughout each year to local sports teams, dance studio's, swim clubs and grad celebrations just to name a few! 

 Mud Run Staff team - Whew !!!