Emergency Care

What to Do in Case of Emergency

Most orthodontic problems can be treated easily and in the comfort of your own home - without an extra visit to see us. If a problem does persist for more than a few days and/or is causing continually bothersome discomfort, please do not hesitate to call the office, our team members will be able to provide you with reassurance and tips to solve your problem no matter the time or place.  It is very rare that an after-hours emergency visit to our office would be required, but we are available to see you when necessary!

Loose Brackets or Bands

Call our office for advice if a bracket or wire is loosened. The bracket will need to be re-bonded, but can often wait to be re-bonded during open office hours. You may have a situation that requires cutting a wire or sliding a bracket off a wire at night or over the weekend. If you need to cut a wire in case of emergency, you may use fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. Please call our office the next business day, so that we may schedule an appointment for you.

Wire Irritations

Sometimes discomfort caused by a wire on your braces can be resolved by moving the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or eraser. If the wire will not move, try covering the end of it with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. If the wire is painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you cannot resolve the wire irritation, call our office for an appointment.

Lost Separators

Do not worry about losing a separator, but call our office to see if and/or when it needs to be replaced.